The true adventures are not in the head. They are outside // That I've noticed when I accompanied Daniel last year. Since that I have been infected by the travel bug to discover the world on a motorcycle. And faster than I thought I sit on a Yamaha Ténéré, which will take me to the east. Southeast Asia was my first Destination but now its going to Australia. I'm looking forward to the countries and people i get to know.

Ingo Janzen Ingo was born on 16 November 1983, communication designer, amateur photographer, carpenter in the next life, is imaginative, spontaneous, curious, impatient and sometimes a little bit crazy.

Infected by the travel bug, it was only a matter of time before I break up all to travel to foreign countries. I am curious and always open to new ideas. It excites me to expose myself to any unusual or difficult situations.

And now it's time for action. According to the motto "Nothing ventures, nothing gained" I start the project "traveling-east" to realiz this dream.

With the publishing of my experiences, I would like to share with you how I am changing and what effect the long journey has for me.

Yamaha Ténéré The Black-One. A black Ténéré built in 2008. A solid cheap travel enduro, which almost had everything you need to start traveling. Some equipment like as crash bars, center stand, luggage rack, navigation, on-board power socket and a lamp protection, I indulged her.

The single cylinder is used to, especially if you're changing from a four-cylinder, but she does. I very quickly liked her. Sometimes the hands fall asleep coz of the vibrations :)

I hope she will do well and not make much problems. Otherwise, I must crack down with her.