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The National and Bio Pivo Pilsener #slovenia

Heute mal nur die englische Fassung.



Sitting next to the open air stage of "the national" and listening to there music. Of course there is a wall between me and the band but that do not stop the sound echoing through the city. Hundrets of fans sitting round the old wall and drinking beer to the music.

The beer i have in my hand is from germany – Lammsbräu – 2 Euro the bottle from the beer-dealer with his beer-bike-shop. An ecological beer. A Sticker is taped on the bottle with slovenien information. Headline: Bio Pivo Pilsener.

I Like it. It is nice here. But i miss my Friends. On the other hand i get in contact with chinese people who invite me to hongkong. se see what happend in the future.


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