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Rough way to Indonesia #malaysia #indonesia

Normally its a easy way to go from Malaysia to Indonesia. Two years ago i was there when my friend Daniel shipped his bike from malaysia to Indonesia. You have to know that there are no Carferry going the short way from country to country. The last couple of years there was the option to put the Bike on an Onion Boat to get it over to Indo. Thd shipment Agent arrage everything with the Carnet and all other paperstuff for 150$. Great ... i thought.

Till i wrote the Agent to announce the bikeshipping. I got the following message:

Dear Sir,


So far we have sending a few hundreds of motorbikes from Penang to Belawan until last month, and i am sorry to inform you that from this month onwards the Indonesia authorities will not allowed our "onion boat" to carry motorbikes to Belawan. My advice is: try Port Klang to Tanjong Babai, or port of Malaka to Dumai in Indonesia. other wice you have to use container.


Good luck,



Ahmmm. Damn. So what now. After some research we found another option. A Biker we met in India shipped his Bike from another Pot via a passenger ferry. They liftet the Bike on it and thats it. Sounds easy. So we tried. Everrthing worked good till the day of the Departure to Indonesia. That was our day:


01.00AM meeting the shipment agent

07.00AM departure KL

08.30AM arriving port Klang, CdP exit stamp done

09.30AM waiting for the ferry to arrive

... 11.00AM ferry has 1h delay

12.00AM an other hour delay

13.00PM half an hour more delay

13.30PM original text message of the agent: Better pray for the best. The ferry broke down. The substitute ferry is smaller and more to imposible to load your bike on to it. ..... Pray dude

15.00PM trying to convince the custom to put a new entrance stamp into the CdP

16.30 stamp done, after we told the big boss where he has to stamp and sign

17.30PM back in KL


We got stucked in KL. Noboday could tell us when the ferry is fixed. Could take a week or a month. Thats why we contact some SHipping Agents to get some qoutations to ship the Bike with a crate or in a container.


Two days later we decided to ship our Bikes to Jakarta. It was the cheapes qoutation we got. But now i am not anymore sure if it really was the cheapest. Anywhere so our Bikes got messured and last Monday we put them into the crate. But read the day here:


2:30PM entering the cargo area

3:00PM crate arrives with 3 walls installed already! "Sorry you have to take off the walls."

"Can not!"

"Must, how you want to lift 300kg in there?"

... "Hmmmm, ok"

6:00PM bikes are in the crate

6:30PM "Carnet stamped and ok?"

"Can not, we will send by courier to Jakarta."

"No way I take the paper with me!"

"Than we can not send."

" Let's go the custom office!"

7:00PM at the custom office: "without inspection of the bike from the officer no stamp for the carnet!"

"How you want to inspect the bike it's already in the crate!"

"Why are you shipping the bike?"

"We are on an around the world tour for a charity project."

"Ok, go pack to the Cargo area for inspection!" "&%$#!!?!!"

7:30 Cargo area, all having dinner: "wait outside!"

after a lady gives us the inspection paper without seeing the bikes nor the crate

8:30 Custom office: "Sorry officer is praying, you have to wait...."

9:00 Carnet stamped out!!!


A long day, and we started wondering for what we paying that much money.


The next day we flew to Jakarta in hope our Bike will arrive a week later too. Second day in Jakarta we went to the IMI (The Indonesian Automibile Club) where we wannted to pick up a Invatation Letter, we probably need to get our Bikes out of the Custom or for being allowed to ride our Bikes in Indonesia. Nobody knows. Anywhere it was not ready so we have to come back the next days. But they told us we should go to the Traffic Police Headquarter to get stampt our international Driverlicenz. So we did. Or we tried coz the taxidriver drop us off on a wrong address. Next try we found the Place. The People were super friendly and helpfull. We got the stamp even if we knew we dont need them really, but we used this visist to ask them if we need some paper from the police to get out our Bikes from the custom. First they said no. But they told us to get a Invatationletter from the police to be allowed to ride on the roads. We already knew we dont need this paper anywhere. Buit we thought is not bad to have some more office locking papers with signatures and stamps. Always good to wave with those paper in front of Custome or Police to get what we want. But to get this letter we have to go first to the ministery foreigner office to pick up another letter. So we heading there. Or we tried coz the taxi driver didnt know where to go. At the end we found the place and asked us to the right persons. We ended up in a diplomatic office where the guys looking at us like... what the hell doing this guys in shorts here in this office. At the end we didnt get any letter coz its not neccessary.


Yeahhh if you have nothbing to do you try to get entertainment with thos days.


We still hoping to get our Bikes on tuesday. Cross fingers kids.


And guys. Didnt correct this Blogenry, just wrote my memories down. so forgive me any grammatical and spelling errors. thanks