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Not ready for this #australia

Its one year ago when i started in berlin on this trip which tooks me longer and more far away than i thought.

I arrived on the third Continent. Australia!


Wednesday at 3am in the Night we landed at the Airport. It was cold. 15° only. We forgot this when we enter the airplane in Bali. Damn.


Now I living a culture shock. Its not really the cultur, relegion, etc. Its more how I have to survive here. I have to completly change my way of living here because everything is expensive.


While I was taking the private room with all facilities for 15$ in Asia I am now happy to find a Dorm room for 30$. I spend in two days the same amount on money i needed in Asia for two people :)

Finding a hostel is even hard. Everything fully boocked in darwin. You have to wait till 2pm to look for a room. Even when you have one you probable have to check out next day at 10am and can check in 2pm again. Thats how it happend to us.


I also didnt get into that Backpacker life here. Ist so structured. Hostels are Big and more like resorts for young people. Prices are hight and what you get is shit. From taking a meal in a restaurant for 2$ to self cooking in a crowded backpacker kitchen for 4$ is a hard change. Our breakfast and dinner consist of Toast with Sausages. Maybe a Snickers on top.


In my head i am not ready for Oz. I still in Asia, I spend half a year in Asia, this is a part of my life which i gave up now for something new. It will take me some time to change.


Maybe it get better after i have my Bike back and can ride away.