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Brisbane #australia

Unluckily I did not arrived with my Motorbike in Brisbane. I came with the Bus. It was a long Busride but I knew in Brisbane I get a pick up from a good friend. So Welcome to Brisbane.

I could see and feel the difference between Brisbane and everything I was before in Australia. But at the End its similar to Germany. If you go through the Countryside and than into Berlin you would probable experience the same.

I felt home. Not only because of my friend. I think a lot because some things reminded me badly on berlin. People wearing fashion again. You see different kind of fashion style only when you walk along one street. Hipsters, same like in Berlin, you meet at the sidewalk. The bars and cafes reminds me much on them in Berlin.


The Streets are clean, you will not find dog shit in the way. The City center with his Skyscrapers is small. Not far outside everything gets into houses. Young people do not live in an own appartment, they sharing houses and living together. The publc transportation with busses is very well. Peopel hve to wave for stopping the bus at the busstation. And they always say "thank you" to the busdriver, when they leave the bus.


I like it.