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Australians worse than germans on motor ways #australia

My german friends may know those drivers who driving on the motorway all the time in the middle lane even if the right lane is free. It is anoying.

Last weekend i did a trip to the gold coast and i used the motorway. The motorway is four to five lanes and in really good condition. And i got crazy on it. The australian are so worst, so lazy with lane changing.


There are four lanes but they have to drive on the thrid from left (left hand traffic over here) even if both left lanes are free. Unbelieveble. They dont go to the left. On the rioght lane a big crwoed of cars comming all wanna take over the slow car on the third lane and both left lanes are free. Of course people starting to pass the slower car on the left lane, whats actual not allowed.


This makes the whole traffic damn dangerous. I relly got annoyed about this kind of driving. One problem is, that driving on a middle lane even if the outer lane is free is not fined from the police. In germany those drivers also get catched out from the police and get a telling-off.